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Freelance Graphic design is a visually communicative bridge between message and audience. Graphic design is a form of communication that conveys a specific message to specific audiences through the means of words and type, images and other graphic elements and layout. Graphic design is a mixture of art and business. Graphic design is also applied to layout and formatting of educational material to make the information more accessible and more readily understandable.

Graphic design is about selling at times, but just as often it’s about providing information–and that’s something most marketers know little about. Graphic designers should be involved in analyzing a client’s communications, and finding ways to provide information that is of strategic value. Graphic Design is way more complex than aesthetic. Its about understanding your clients business and problem solving. Graphic design is the most universal of all the arts. It is all around us, explaining, decorating, identifying; imposing meaning on the world .

Graphic design is a process of creating graphics. You can?t expect people who just create graphics to care about production issues, about usability, about marketing and sales strategy. Graphic design is in no way a dull and boring field and hence working within design limitations can be quite frustrating for graphic designers. When you work within specified constraints, it becomes a monotonous and tedious endeavor. Graphic design is the art of communicating visually.

Graphic design is the most important tool used in visual communication to convey the right message to your prospects. Get it wrong and you may be sending the wrong message to the wrong audience.


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