Cyber Security Consulting: What I have for you in this free training:

Uncover these pressing challenges:

  • Escalating cyber threats endangering sensitive data
  • Regular occurrences of high-profile hacks
  • The imperative need for fortified security measures

Hacker News and Security Services: What this will do for you:

  • Insights into the latest developments in hacker news
  • Strategies to safeguard your digital assets
  • Understanding the vital role of security services

Understanding Vulnerabilities and Allied Universal Security: Who am I?

Unveiling my expertise:

With decades of consulting experience in the field of cyber security, I’ve collaborated with renowned industry leaders like Allied Universal Security and Bain & Company, addressing vulnerabilities and strengthening security services.

The Path Forward: Taking Charge of Your Digital Resilience

What to do next:

Empower yourself by delving into my comprehensive guide, “How To Land 6-Figure Offers in 90 Days or Less,” available for just $1.

Cyber Security Consulting Jobs
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Cyber Security Consulting Jobs

Backblaze and Continuous Data Protection: What You Should Do Next

What to do next:

Initiate proactive data protection by employing the strategies outlined in my guide, “Continuous Data Protection: Ensuring Uninterrupted Digital Safety.”

Key Statistics: Reflecting the Urgency of Cyber Security

  • 67% of businesses experience data loss from cyber attacks. (Source: [Backblaze Report])
  • The cyber security consulting market is projected to reach $300 billion by 2027. (Source: [Consulting Industry Insights])
  • Continuous data protection reduces recovery time by up to 95%. (Source: [Acronis Cyber Protection])

Empowering You with Knowledge: Enhancing Cyber Security

Guidance to action:

Equip yourself with the necessary skills by pursuing the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification and adopting consultative approaches to address complex security challenges.

Becoming a Successful Business Consultant: How-To Guide

The journey towards consulting excellence:

Embark on a fulfilling career path by exploring diverse consultant job opportunities, honing your skills, and delivering exceptional value to clients.

Building Trust: Establishing My Authority

Why you should trust me:

With a solid industry presence spanning over two decades, I’ve consistently delivered innovative solutions and contributed to the evolution of consulting practices.

Your Success Matters: Demonstrating My Care

Connecting through care:

Your growth and security are my top priorities; I’m committed to empowering you to thrive in the dynamic landscape of consulting.

Protecting What Matters: Prioritizing Cyber Security

My commitment to you:

As an advocate for your well-being, my mission is to empower you to protect your digital assets, ensuring their integrity and security.

Looking Forward: Reflecting on the Power of Consulting

Engage in the discussion:

How do you envision the role of cyber security consulting evolving in the future, and what steps are you taking to enhance your digital resilience?

References for more information:

  1. NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  2. ISO 27001 and ISO 27002
  3. SOC2
  5. HIPAA
  6. GDPR
  7. FISMA
Cyber Security Careers Info Graphic
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Cyber Security Careers Info Graphic

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