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10 Best SEO Agency Tricks

10 Best SEO Agency Tricks

Do you want to know the Secrets of our success? Here are our 10 Best SEO Agency Tricks –

What I am talking about here are secrets of the Pro’s.

10 Best SEO Agency Tricks – How To Grow Traffic 100%… Easily

What is GEOMETRIC growth? Well it’s easy – instead of growing 10% you grow 10×10% = 100%. And this is how you do it.

1. Make a list of every product you can produce produce – or every product someone would PAY you for – this is my example:

Web Development Lead Generation Design Video
PHP WordPress Optimization 3D Design DVD Menus
PHP Joomla Micro Sites Pro Photography Video Editing
Flash Animation Analytics Traffic Print Graphics Renderings
Flash ActionScript Bulk Email & Tracking Logo Creation 3D Studio max
HTML Landing Pages E-mail Design Motion Graphics
CSS E-Commerce CD Covers Music Editing
Javascript Click Through tracking Letterhead, Cards. Commercials
Phone Applications You Tube SEO Photoshop InDesign CD – DVD – HD

2. Create a category on your site for each.

3. Create a daily blog post for each and place it in it’s respective category.

4. Write Sensational posts – or posts that people would want to share.

5. Find posts that you would like to emulate and emulate them (emulate means to copy but not duplicate)

7. Don’t be bashful share this content with your friends. (Add social media sharing buttons to your site)

8. Outflow = Inflow (ask other popular blogs to share your great content).

9. Add a great Video, Image, Info-graphic and Download to each post. (This does not have to be a unique download) Note: We can do this for you if needed.

10. Syndicate! (This means Blast it out – use Press Release Companies like PR WEB or PR LOG – Use Video sharing sites like OneLoad or Hey!Spread)

Our SEO Agency’s 10 Best SEO Tricks:

There you go – I can tell you that this will increase your internet traffic by 10-100% almost guaranteed.

It’s not just a 10% growth on one subject. Do you see the pattern? – It’s 10X10X10X10 etc. Traffic will increase GEOMETRICALLY.

And that’s the secret of our success…

10 Best SEO Agency Tricks - How To Grow Traffic 10X by Charles