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 NCRA - CLVS - certified Legal Video Services

Announcing Our Certified Legal Video Services:

Video can be very effective in court. When working with a jury, video can be priceless.

Many of the larger Law Firms use video depositions, simply because they are more effective when paired with a court reporter.

For Attorneys, Video can also be a very effective marketing tool. I’m going to give you some case studies in this article:

Attorney Video Marketing Services:

Did you know that YOUTUBE is the second largest Search Engine. Next to Google itself, no website gets more queries. It gets more searches than Bing and Yahoo.

So You Tube is an extremely effective way to market to you prospective clients. Why? Because very few attorneys are doing it.

Case study: Less than a year ago I filmed a simple 30 second commercial for a successful Lemon Law Firm – and started a pay per click campaign to it targeting just southern California.

This video has been getting over 200 KEYWORD-FOCUSED views per day (all people searching for information about the Lemon Law and all targeted in California).

In less than a year it has over 66,299 views so far. Now that is effective marketing.

Here’s what he had to say about our services:


World Class Attorney Marketing & Video Services:

Certified Legal Video Video Marketing  Animation  Real Time Video 
CLVS certified Video Marketing 3D to Scale Models DVD Menus
NCRA certified Google Certified Auto Colision Simulation Video Editing
Litigation Support Bing Certfied Website Maintenance Renderings
Scripting & Projection Bulk Email & Tracking Logo Creation 3D Studio max
Pro Videographers Landing Pages E-mail Design Motion Graphics
Day In The Life E-Commerce CD Covers Audio Editing & Mic sync
Video Syncing Click Through tracking Letterhead, Cards. Commercials
Notarized Video You Tube & Yahoo Video Photoshop InDesign CD – DVD – HD

In addition to that we also do website video such as this video shot at Vititoe Law Group (the firm notorious for representing Erin Brockovich – the largest medical settlement lawsuit in history)

Knowledgeable & Experienced Legal Services:

Certified Legal Video (CLVS certified)

Are You looking for CLVS certfied Video Specialists?

Our team is fully trained with 20+ years in video depositions and ensuring nothing goes wrong in your case. We can support up to two days of continuous filming – without having to take a break.

Attorney Video Marketing for Law Firms

Here are some of the services we provide – Note that we have a 24 Hour Tech Support line to help you with anything you need.

Legal Animation

Need to illustrate a car accident – we know that everything has to be exact size and dimensions. That is where renderings and animation come into play.

We can simulate a car accident or a medical procedure. We can illustrate various scenarios to help you.

Real Time Court Reporting

Cut out paying the middle man with our Direct Real Time Services.

Need Real Time Court Reporting? – we have various partnerships with NCRA (Court Reporters) and Litigation services to sync and script video in various cases including Court Reporting and Depositions.

Video Marketing

Do you need a promotional video to capture leads. On the Internet – content is king. Meaning that the more QUALITY content you have (that people want to share) the higher you will go in search engines. This is also called SEO. We have worked on some of the biggest sites on the Internet today – and can help your firm be found and can help you be seen as the preeminent leader in your field.

Not many Law firms capitalize on Video – so now is your chance to excel above your competition.

DVD Menus

Need a DVD menu created – to illustrate your services or products.

We can do that too.

NCRA Partners

Cut out the middle man. We can help you find a quality court reporter at a great price when bundled with our video services.

Google Certified

We are certified Pay Per Click and Adwords specialists.

We have seen a 300% increase in traffic for some of our clients.


Want an animated website?

We can do animation – intros and animated video.

Legal Video Editing

We specialize in video editing and restoration. Do you need your sound edited so you can hear what the client is saying? We can help with that.

Litigation Support

Full courtroom projection and set up.

In addition to set up and break down – we also to Deposition Synchronization and Scripting, clips and Court Preparation.

Bing Certified

Microsoft Bing Certified Pay Per Click (Search Engine Marketing – SEM) and (Search Engine Optimization – SEO) Traffic Specialists.

Website Maintenance

Over 20 Years in Design and Website Programming, we can make your site animated and beautiful. Take a look at our portfolio.


We can do Animation & Renderings. We can add intros to your video at a great price.

Scripting & Projection

We can script out your Day In The Life Video and capture the story that you want to be told.

Bulk Email & Tracking

Want to send out a newsletter to past clients?

Want to create an automatic email marketing sequence – no problem.

Have a huge list – that you need to contact? Do it quickly and easily with our Bulk Email Services. Can Spam Act Compliant and full opt-out and bounce removal capability.

Logo Creation

Professional Logo creation for Attorneys and Legal Professionals.

3D Studio max

Exact size renderings and accident simulation.

Pro Videographers

State of the art video equipment in HD, Blue Ray and other formats if needed.

Landing Pages

We can produce landing pages for you to test leads and conversions on your Pay Per Click Campaigns.

Day In The Life

Need to create a day in the life?

We can help you achieve your scripted Day In The Life for your client.

DVD Covers

Need Professionally designed DVD covers? We can do that too.

Audio Editing & Mic sync

We can sync microphones and depositions to exact time points on your video.

Video Syncing

Sync your legal Video to testimony or deposition points.

Click Through tracking

We can track Landing Pages and exact email opens, including bounce rates, deliveries and downloads.

Letterhead & Cards

Need a fresh Logo? We can help you with this.


Professional Commercials – shot in full Blue Ray Quality, HD and standard DVD quality.

Notarized Video – Notary Republic Videographers

Need a Notary? We can help get that done for you.

Contact us today for help with any of these services.

Announcing Our Attorney Marketing & Certified Legal Video Services by Charles