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* Bonus 1: Professional Videography –Includes Photography Touchups & Digital Copies $2000 Value. We will create a professional video and voice over & touch up photos of your services and post these in your Google Local Listing.

* Bonus 2: Google -Yahoo & Bing Local Optimization.
Getting to the top of Local Business Searches can make or break your sales. Did you know Google found a 400%
increase in Smart-Phone searches in 2011 – and that 2012 may be even more? 95% of those people were looking for
local services and 79% used these phones and local searches to buy?

* Bonus 3: Over 20 Directory links with keyword focus.
Part of getting successful marketing is being found in directories and having high ratings – people no longer
hear a commercial and buy – they look for ratings and comments and the truth on the Internet before they chose you.

* Bonus 4: A 40 point Web-site SEO Analysis.
Did you know that you can beat your competition on Architecture alone. Set up your site to deliver the best possible results – and be found in Searches.

* Bonus 5: Website upgrade or facelift.
Are you happy on the design of your website? Do you capture identities of people on your site?
Most websites fail to do three main things: A) Capture Identities. B) Follow Up WHEW! That’s a lot of goodies… and you get it all at NO CHARGE when you try our entire system for 50% off.

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More Details About The Program

“How to Close 100 Additional Ideal Clients in 1 Year”

1. Referral Marketing Coaching & Weekly Action Plans

During our program, we educate you with what we have found to be the most powerful and effective methods to increase your referrals by 300%.

Our 52 Referral Marketing Action-Plans and instructions will be emailed to you over the year. These have proven to be our most time-tested, proactive actions to generate any firm’s best clientele. Versus falling into the false concept that, “If you build it, they will come”, you are given as step-by-step action-plan at the beginning of each week on how to inspire your current clients to actively refer to you the best of the best that can be closed for your services.

“Growing it slowly by having our good name out there”, is another outmoded idea in today’s face-paced, real-time marketing world. Referrals can be created through known methods that we have extrapolated over our combined decades of coaching and consulting hundreds upon hundreds of CPA’s and Dr.’s across the USA.

The value that we offer is that your marketing person or team now owns a DAILY and WEEKLY action-plan that can be executed to generate greater interaction, education and inspiration from your existing clients. You existing clientele now actively share your knowledge, expertise and brand with the thousands of people that they influence within their own personal and business circles.

This one service alone, when employed by your firm, can easily generate the revenue to pay for our annual service many times over. Our Guarantee No long-term contracts! Our referral programs have grown businesses 300% – our payments are month-to-month and can be cancelled at any time.

2. Lead Generation Coaching: LinkedIn is #1

LinkedIn represents a new opportunity in social media to take your referral marketing to a whole new level, as well as access the best potential sales leads for anyone in your firm to access and contact. This is the social media channel that is focused on business, and whose members want to engage in business topics and ideas.

According to one study, LinkedIn is 277% more effective in generating sales leads than Facebook and Twitter combined. 57.9% of the 57 million members in America are male, between the ages of 25 to 59. Moreover, 39% of those on LinkedIn have a household income of $100,000 or more.

LinkedIn is about business and so it can be leveraged to connect with existing clientele who then connect you with the very type of businesses that are like themselves. Through LinkedIn you create warm leads through their various LinkedIn groups. You can target you market with online events, blogs, etc. as well as drive business-minded traffic to your own website.

What we offer is a coaching program that will take you beyond just having a complete profile, but how to connect and engage your first level followers to get you to the tens of thousands of potential connections that they are in active communication with on a weekly basis. This is a 30-day program containing discoveries and “How To” knowledge that leverage your profile in the type engagement that will eventually lead to face-to-face meetings and thus sales.


3. Search Engine Optimization on Google, Yahoo & Bing.

While most companies are optimized on Google, many businesses have not created much of a presence on Yahoo and/or Bing. While we expand your presence on Google with the most state-of-the-art SEO methods, adding Yahoo and Bing can increase you online presence by 20%.

This service is maintained throughout the year to represent your best chances of ranker even higher on all three major search engines.

4. Postcard & Email Marketing Coaching

Postcards are the most cost effective method in direct mail marketing for any professional service provider. Postcards attract more attention and get saved more often than any other type of direct marketing piece.


If your business is brick and mortar, a physical postcard will help to reinforce the connection you have with people at your physical location. And, if you’re a local business, you can target local people very effectively with postcard mailings.

The keys to success in direct mailings and emails are:

– Targeting the exact market by purchasing the correct lists.

– Communicate clearly with a simple message & a strong call-to-action.

– Larger postcards are more successful than smaller ones.

– Any sized postcard is better than none.

– Be consistent & follow through.

We have one client within our network that has, in a bad month, added 5 top-end business clients from a mailing of 9,000 postcards. These 5 new clients represented $30,000 in annual billings due to a $4,000 investment. The postcard marketing aspect of his strategy was so successful during good months that he had to discontinue sending these postcards so as to service the many clients that he was adding.

Additional costs exist for printing, lists and postage not provided by us.

Another method is to utilize free mailing lists and have staff address and mail these postcards to local businesses by hand, even if only 20-30 per day. While this is slower, it is cost effective to engage versus being idle.

Email marketing is very inexpensive and can generate 5-10 qualified leads per month. We have a proven technique that creates curiosity and thus responses to your simple offer. Coaching on this is provided.

5. Submitting to 35+ Local Directories. We Create Powerful Client Sources & New Links to Your Website!

Directories such as Yelp and Merchant Circle are well known directories that over 1400 million people join and use on a monthly basis.

We place your business on 35+ directory sites, as well as update them instantly at anytime needed as part of our yearly service. With a combined reach of over 150 million searchers a month, this local online presence within these directories places your firm’s listings almost everywhere. This allows your firm to stand out wherever your potential customers may be searching for you or services to address their needs.

We ensure that you receive premium listings with photos, special offers and descriptions (must be provided to us, of course) and full control on each site. We track it all with reporting and you can be alerted to what customers are saying about you with their reviews. You are now in control over your info and your local internet presence has never been easier!

6. 40 Point Website SEO Analysis

As you know, your website represents your brand to existing clientele as well as new potential ones that have yet to conduct business with your firm. 85% of your potential clients will look at your website BEFORE they ever meet with you face-to-face.

We conduct a 70-point diagnostic analysis of your website. Having worked personally on Fortune 500 websites and marketing campaigns, our CEO, Charles Verhoeff, does the analysis personally with a report to you on what are your strengths, what are your weaknesses and how to remedy them. Many of these can be easily remedies as part of your packages, but if extensive design work is requested on our part, there will be additional costs. These would be fully detailed as to what we suggest and as to what additional costs, will be exactly which we believe are highly reasonable and competitive in price.

7. Pay-per-click Marketing: Analysis & Niche Opportunities

In essence, this is an extensive keyword research. This is custom to each CPA due to location, services offered and marketing strategy. Key words and phrases enable us to reach even more potential clients, who are searching for your services. We use these words and phrases in many regards:

Pay-per-click advertising
Blog articles
Press Releases
Optimization with social media profiles, such as LinkedIn
Website development & copywriting

Not only do we provide you with a detailed report for your own use, but we as well use this as well to better your search results. A common amount of words and phrases in this report is 200-300 words and phrases.

8. Blog Article Writing & Distribution

Blogging is a key aspect to your firm being located on the web. As well, blog articles provide great material to be emailed to your existing list of customers and followers. 60% of businesses have a business or company blog, with only 35% blogging at least once a month. Even fewer accounting firms actively blog which gives a distinctive edge to the firm that does blog.

As part of our star-up package, we produce one blog article per month that will be added to your site, as original content, as well as being material that you can send to your email list. We suggest that you blog more often, but for the firm that does not have the time or resources, we at least have one per month as a tool to place you at the top of searches.

All blog articles are written, utilizing top key words, as an additional method for people to discover your website and services. More articles can be provided within our next level of packaged services. Moreover, we submit each of your blog articles to over 25 social bookmarking accounts, which builds valuable links back to your website.

9. Identity Capture Design & Coaching

An important element in any web marketing is capturing the email of every visitor to your website. This is done by adding a lead capture option or box within the website.

Traditionally, people will give you their email if you offer some type of premium, such as a White Paper, a free video course, “insider” tips, or some such offer that is valuable enough for potential clients to hand over their email address to you.

Once you have their email address, you now how the opportunity to not only give them this free premium, which hopefully inspires them to taking additional action with your firm, but it also allows you to contact them weekly or monthly with articles, news, announcements, offers or the such. It has been found that it takes repeated contact with someone to get them to remember your name, as well as to begin to regard you as a though leader in your field. Repetition of message is critical in marketing.

The free offer is up to you, but we will provide coaching on what to offer and what type of design is most effective in adapting your existing website so that it captures identifies for further follow and thus sales.

10. Monthly Overview, Analysis & Accountability

We believe that the road to prosperity necessitates analysis of success, review of how we achieved it and further planning and adjustment to generate ongoing success. Every month by phone you will be contacted by the VP of World Class Media or an assigned agent to your liking, to receive your monthly performance report. This report will clearly illustrate what services were rendered to you, as well as the performance of incoming phone calls, sales and hits to your website. As success is measured in additional clientele being acquired, we want to know how we are performing so that we can do an even better job. If a face-to-face meeting is needed, this can be requested and accommodated within 6 business days from the date of the request.

World Class Media Team