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Many companies believe that if consumer leaves a bad review on their website, they should immediately remove it so other online visitors don’t see it. I totally disagree. Think about why you created a website to begin with; to put information online to let viewers see who you are and what you have to offer. Think about why social networking is so popular today. We have instant communication with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you think about why social networking is so popular you’d understand it’s because people are having conversations with each other about their lives, products and services.

It would be nice if everybody’s product and service was 100% perfect and had the best customer service in the world. The reality is that not everybody offers up great content or a great quality product. As a consumer, you want honest reviews of a product or service you intend on buying.

I have seen only a handful of companies successfully deal with negative reviews and comments on their websites. Those companies are to be congratulated for not trying to censor comments made by real-time customers and clients.

The best way to handle negative reviews and comments from your video is to engage that person in a conversation that the world can see. You have the ability and opportunity to explain, not just to this viewer, but anybody who comes to watch your video and reads the comments why this person’s point of view was totally incorrect. On the other hand, you may actually agree with the reviewer’s critique. I suggest that if you do agree with the negative comment, and tell your viewers that and explain why.

By engaging in the conversation you have the ability to show that you are listening; you care about the comments people leave and understand enough to explain why their point of view may not be entirely accurate. If the comment is spam or has no other purpose other than to defame or slander you, then it should be removed. However, if the viewer offers an honest critique then you should do everything possible to politely respond with a detailed explanation.

This is exactly what happened with a video I created involving medical malpractice case I recently handled. A doctor commented on my video and was extremely harsh. He claimed that he did not believe my client’s story since he practiced that type of medicine. My initial gut reaction when reading this critical review was one of disbelief and anger. However, I recognized that this was the perfect opportunity to educate this physician about why my client’s case had merit; why his own medical colleagues were the ones who determined the case had merit (I was not the one who decided); and why my client’s injuries were permanent and life-altering. In fact, I even went so far as to invite the doctor to write a detailed guest blog post about his thoughts and his area of specialty to explain to my viewers his thoughts and opinions. I even offered to put this blog post on my website. As of today, he has declined to take me up on this offer.

Engage your viewers in a conversation and you’ll understand what they are thinking.

Gerry Oginski is a New York medical malpractice and personal injury trial lawyer, and has produced and created more than 400 videos to market his solo law firm. He is the only medical malpractice lawyer in the country who is an experienced video producer who helps lawyers create online video to market their law firms. He is a noted author, speaker, video producer and Founder of the Lawyers Video Studio, http://lawyersvideostudio.com.

Gerry’s articles have appeared in TRIAL magazine, ABA Journal, ABA Practice Management Journal, Rainmaker Lawyer and many others; he’s been featured and quoted in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times online blog, Newsday and others; he’s a featured columnist for Technolawyer.com in a monthly column called YouLaw reviewing attorney video, in addition to hundreds of blog posts and articles about video marketing for lawyers. He can be reached at 516-487-8207 or by email at [email protected]. He welcomes your call.

Author: Gerry Oginski
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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