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* Custom Sales Funnels
* Custom Ads – Facebook, Google, Youtube, etc.
* Custom Drip Email Follow Up Sequence
* List Cultivation and Growth
* Social Media Sales Campaign
* Viral Marketing
* Custom Website Coding and Split Tests


Step #1  

Customization Process: The most critical aspect to a successful partnership is to fully understand your organization and its persona. Our first meeting will be an introductory meeting where we will learn more about your vision, review the previous challenges you’ve faced, and set expectations. We will fully survey and isolate the exact factors that will make the project a success.

Step #2

Let The Brainstorming Begin: After we meet, our team will sit at a single table together (literally) and start brainstorming of an innovative and methodical way to create your desired outcome. Together our team will form a strategic plan of action that will best fit your organization to yield the best results with the highest impact. This process is composed of a variety of variables including: industry trends, competition, vision, and expectations.

Step #3

Launch: Next comes the fun part and the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Once we have a creative strategy in place, we will launch your campaign. Closely reporting, measuring and monitoring your results to refine your strategy as needed. To ensure our creative approach is working effectively and resonating with customers. But, it doesn’t end there! With an industry that is continuously changing, we must adapt and change with it. Therefore, we must always be one step ahead of evolving technologies and with that said we are constantly discussing new ways to best reach your organization’s goals.


  • Customization: A unique tailored approach based on custom requirements.
  • Major Clients (Fortune 500) & Websites with 12 million visits a month.
  • Experience: Combined 20+ Years of Design, Development and Programming Experience.
  • Regional Expertise: World Class Media has clients all over the United States. Commute as necessary to meet individuals in the region and survey the region as well.
  • Qualifications of Individuals Assigned: Quality checks by a USA-Based Development team.
  • We develop, design, maintain and implement marketing best practices for online and offline strategies to attain greatly increased revenue based on desired results.
  • Weekly Reports of Exact Progress.
  • We will never disappear on you.
  • Our first priority is to deliver the best service possible.
  • Google & Microsoft (Bing) Certified Marketers and Developers.
  • Absolutely no Spam or “Black Hat” techniques.
  • Over 10 Years’ Experience in Social Media, Web Development, Design, SEO and Coding.
  • Free Video training for existing clients and their staff.
  • Accountability and Statistics.


1.      Weekly Consulting

2.      Custom Funnel Build-Outs

3.      Sales Page Split Tests


* Custom Sales Funnels – From Facebook to Direct Sales
* Custom Drip Email Follow Up Sequence
* List Cultivation and Growth
* Social Media Sales Campaign
* Viral Marketing
* Custom Website Coding and Split Tests

Estimated Time of Project: Month to Month
Estimated Weekly Hours of Project: 500 Hours @ 10 Hours Per Week 
Estimated Total Cost: $1,000 per month  

Travel: Client and World Class Media Account Manager or CEO shall meet every week – either on the phone or in person to discuss deliverables. Client is responsible for all travel costs if necessary.

Guarantee: We Guarantee a Month to Month Contract to Ensure Continued Performance.  Client May Cancel at Any Time If He or She Wishes. 

Mediation: If a dispute arises out of this contract, and if the dispute cannot be settled through negotiation, the parties agree first to try in good faith to settle the dispute by mediation before resorting to arbitration, litigation, or some other dispute resolution procedure mutually agreed upon by both parties.


Signed for: World Class Media

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Our ultimate goal is to solidify a creative partnership that will allow you to develop your brand as a leader. We don’t want to be just another vendor that quickly gives you several designs, but ultimately to continue to act as a partner in your brand’s creative development. We want to create and maintain a unique platform that will enable you to utilize the full power of our collective creative efforts; thereby helping drive your brand development in the market place.


WorldClassMedia ® is uniquely positioned to become your partner in delivering your brand’s central message. We are at the very core, a creative development and design firm that is invested in our client’s philosophy and culture. We combine a maverick creative spirit with an awareness of technology that enables us to create memorable design and maximum visual impact.


Rapid delivery can quickly become an issue. Our ability to adapt to our clients’ requirements and a knack for being pro-active rather than reactive, helps ensure a seamless transition between concept and market reality.

We know that in the days of big business, caring about your clients and worrying about the impact you have with them is an old-fashioned way of doing things… But, we don’t really know of or have any other way, nor would we want to.

Charles Verhoeff 
CEO WorldClassMedia ® 



We want for you to establish a budget that you will be comfortable with, one that enables you to forecast expenditures. This allows you to have exact expectations on deliverables, as well as allowing us adequate turnaround times and the ability to deliver precisely, time after time. It goes without saying, that we never take on a project strictly based on monetary concerns. There is always room to discuss a budget and find a figure that is appropriate and fair to all parties.



WorldClassMedia® is a multidisciplinary design studio offering creative solutions through various mediums. We help our clients narrate and implement their story with style and maximum visual impact.



  • Creative Development/Design/Production
  • Concept Illustration and CG Design
  • Interactive Solutions Development
  • Advertising/Integrated Marketing Graphic Development
  • Visual Impact Marketing
  • Web Development
  • SEO, Local Search & Pay Per Click
  • Digital Marketing & Direct Response


Our mission is rather simple. Providing the maximum visual impact for our clients, regardless of medium. From a small advertisement to a nationally-recognizable campaign, our aim remains the same: Assist our clients in telling their story through design and communications.



Charles has worked in Design and Computer Technology for over 15 Years, Since founding WorldClassMedia® and as its driving force, he provides leadership through creative solutions for individuals and groups in a variety of industries, most notably, in the areas of government and education.



Additional Consulting as needed and training on how to use the back-end of the site. Client will approve all products before being launched.



Payment & Schedule: 

We offer flexible payment schedules as well as Weekly/Month to Month installments. However, this must be agreed upon first. 

Once again, we welcome the opportunity to helping you create an adequate scope of work that will reflect your growing business, as it will help establishing the workflow, and ultimately create a business that will sustain itself (and you) for years to come.

Travel: Client and WorldClassMedia® Account Manager or CEO should communicate every week – either by email, on the phone or in person to discuss deliverables. Client is responsible for all travel costs if necessary.

Guarantee: We Guarantee a Month to Month Contract To Ensure Continued Performance. Client May Cancel At Any Time If He or She Wishes. 



Web Development SEO Optimization Graphic Design Video/Photography
PHP WordPress Optimization 3D Design DVD Menus
PHP Joomla Micro Sites Pro Photography Video Editing
Flash Animation Analytics Traffic Print Graphics Renderings
Flash ActionScript Tracking Logo Creation 3D Studio max
HTML Landing Pages E-mail Design Motion Graphics
CSS E-Commerce CD Covers Music Editing
Javascript Click Tracking Letterhead, Cards. Commercials
Phone Applications You Tube SEO Photoshop InDesign CD – DVD – HD 

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