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Hey Roger,



I’m a bit of a number cruncher geek.  I was calculating some of the improvements I made on some financial marketing campaigns I recently worked on for an investment company. Here’s the Case Study:

After I calculated it I had increased the effectiveness of their Google online marketing for one of their Clients and dramatically improved their Pay Per Click Results – [by doing the checklist I give you at the end of this page].


Imagine having too many clients and leads.

Imagine getting Investment Clients For Under 10 Cents.   I’m getting some of my clients .003 cent video views on Facebook right now.


I’ve built websites up to 12 million visits per month. I’ve also managed Digital Marketing budgets of up to 1.5 million per year.


I’m Approaching Multiple Competitors, Heavy Hitters Like Chevy Chase Trust, Hightower, etc. You Ought To Hire Me Before Your Competitors Do.


I recently completed working with a Multi-Billion Dollar Investment firm – I drastically increased the effectiveness of their campaigns. And I wanted to share with you how I did it.

In a nutshell: I created highly targeted ads and headlines that produced 10X results.

Here are the specifics:

Before I Managed Their Retirement Campaign:

The Stats:

Last year around the same time, their Google clicks over a 30 day period were:

2,398 Clicks Total

217,527 Impressions

1.10% Click Through Rate (Meaning 1 percent who saw the ad clicked on it)

They were paying an average of $2.83 per click

After (last 30 days):

7,934 Clicks Total

171,681 Impressions

4.62% Click Through Rate!

Cost Per Click of .69 cents

Not to mention the Revenue brought in by an increase – over one year – $2.83 per click would cost – $269,438.64 – Savings of $ 203,745.12 over one year period on one campaign. (And that’s just Google, not counting Bing on just one single retirement campaign). Translate this to all Google campaigns (Mutual Funds, Bonds, ETF’s, etc.)

95,208 clicks (On this one campaign)

2,060,172 (Two Million + Impressions)

4.62% Click Through Rate –

A Cost Per Click of .69 cents

Here’s the kicker: This is just one campaign in Google – Retirement – (Not Counting Bing either)  they have around 10 campaigns going on Bonds, ETA’s, Liquid Alternatives, Etc. – so let’s do the math, over one year here’s the difference it made with just Google Marketing:

952,080 More Clicks  (Translation: Almost 1 Million Highly Targeted Investment Searches driven to their website – Retirement Investor Clicks)

Saved a total of $2,037,451.20 (Two Million Dollars Worth of Savings with Google across ten campaigns)

20,601,720 Impressions (Twenty Million Impressions)

In addition, I saw that they were paying up to 10 Dollars per click for BRAND terms. The problem with this is that they already were #1 in Google on Brand Terms so this money was virtually wasted. So in addition to creating thousands of more clicks and drastically reducing their cost-per-click – I saved them hundreds thousands of dollars in wasted spend.

How To Do It

Surely we all know Brand recognition is important but Search Engine Marketing and  Google’s Pay Per Click secrets are awesome. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. That’s smarter marketing by itself – but not the point.

You see: Television, Radio and Newspapers are one step above throwing fliers out of plane and seeing who picks them up.

IMHO: In my humble opinion, Online Search Marketing is now the most cost-effective medium today.


Smart Phone Searches are skyrocketing – cell phones in almost every hand and mobile-email-readers almost overtaking desktop-email-readers… You can almost reach any person at anytime, anywhere.

Us “Digital Marketers” know that television, radio and print aren’t pulling the way they used to. With DVR’s on almost every Cable provider– people fast forward through commercials, Satellite radio trumps Radio commercials – Not to mention what is happening to magazine & print readership – all going online. You see, Nothing is as effective as it was before.

You and I and our little group of savvy marketers know that companies can’t afford to market like a dinosaur any more. In fact as the director of Internet marketing for Survival Insurance and many clients, I have tested many different avenues, including TV, Radio, You Tube, Facebook, Social Media, Snail Mail and others and would be Brazen enough to say that Google is probably one of the most effective (if not thee most effective way to market today). You can target exact searches for what people are actively looking for directly. That’s 1000X smarter than radio, TV and Billboards.

Pay Per Click Best Practices Checklist:

Here’s Some Questions To Ask In Order To Improve Your Ads…

  1. Do your campaign settings make sense and match your campaign strategy and goals? Goal Setting is a vital first step.
  2. Have you separated search and display campaigns? If you merge both your Click Through Rate suffers.
  3. Is ad rotation set the way you want it? Both Google and Bing offer the option to optimize for clicks, or to rotate ads more evenly.
  4. Are your geographic locations correct? Are you targeting the right areas and excluding the wrong ones? Very important.
  5. What about your campaign budget? You can actually merge budgets now – pretty cool. But do shared budgets make sense for you?
  6. Considered dayparting? Are your customers searching for you after hours or on weekends? See what days are driving the most traffic and increase spend on those days.
  7. Mobile and Tablet Evaluation – Do you want Mobile and Tablet Ads?
  8. Are your results different by device? Mobile phone users want quick and easy instructions – and rarely do large purchases. Keep this in mind: iPhone and iPad users may be bigger spenders, test different devices for best results.
  9. Should you use a different message in ads? I’ve seen one headline drive a 80% better response rate. Check out my article on Top PPC headlines.
  10. Is something failing? A/B testing is important but test to make sure your whole thing is working first. Test your campaigns like a visitor would – sometimes you may find pages or URL’s that don’t work – or forms that don’t send leads. Test to make sure everything is perfect on the visitor side. The key to success is to test and refine, test and refine.

Use this checklist for both new and existing PPC campaigns, and watch your results improve!


You can almost do anything with search marketing today:

Target exact demographics by age, location, income, profession.

Target exact searches for your products and investments.

A skilled online marketer can increase your marketing by 10X.

So what do you think?

Is Google the most effective modern way of advertising (besides word of mouth) today?

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