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Online video advertising is one of the fastest-growing forms of online marketing because it commands the highest engagement and ROI of almost any online advertising method. Video ads generate nearly twice the click-through as banner ads and engage customers in an entertaining brand experience. Online video advertising is a shiny new toy in the marketer’s box of tricks. As such, people think its use will only increase and it will be more recession proof than traditional or other forms of online advertising.

Yahoo Tube - You Tube Advertsising and Marketing

Yahoo Tube – You Tube Advertsising and Marketing

Yahoo Tube

Online video advertising is hard to do well, which is the dirty little secret behind that segment’s slow rise. Online video players are complex software that offers branding, playback, targeted advertising, audience profiling and analytics, playlists, social sharing, etc., while integrating code, APIs and streams from multiple parties.


YouTube is considered the second largest search engine. With billions of video searches all over the world.

YouTube is the top search entry and includes variants like ” youtube”; “you tube”; “” and even “utube”. YouTube is another example of a market that Big Media does not really understand. YouTube is a collection of uploaded content.


Yahoo video is a site attached to Yahoo and similar to YouTube which provides us plenty of videos. Yahoo Video is Yahoo’s answer to YouTube and other similar video-hosting services. Users can search and watch a variety of clips, along with some commercial content from partners. Yahoo video is a great alternative to You tube – Yahoo Tube is growing, along with other Videos sources (Bing Video, Metacafe, Dailymotion, etc.).

Yahoo video is aggregation service of sorts. Yahoo has combined its Web video indexing and searching service, this new community video hosting system, and content from the growing list of Yahoo media partnerships to give users a rich hybrid experience that offers a lot of quality content.


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