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DVD Menus

DVD menus are meant to be used within a DVD file structure. You can’t tack on an mkv or something else that is foreign to the DVD specs. DVD menus are pretty hit or miss and not every movie I tried even plays. Hopefully they update the MPlayer software at some point, but I suspect it was more a proof of concept. DVD menus are the screens where you choose to play the movie, check out so-called bonus material such as trailers or interviews with the director and stars, or skip to particular points in the film. In fact, many studios consider menus to be a hugely important part of the DVD and spend a lot of time and money producing ones that echo the look, feel, and sound of the film.

DVD menus are controlled using two methods. Users with standalone DVD players generally control menus using four directional arrow buttons and a Select button. DVD menus are of course on German, but even without knowing the language you will have your way around them. DVD menus are inherently unresponsive because each menu must be loaded as a video from the disc individually. Manufacturers disagree on which buttons to put on their remote controls and what to call them, and then there’s the possibility the DVD is being watched on a computer or games console.

DVD menus are handled by a special tool in Studio. Intriguingly, they are simply selected from the range of presets, and dragged to the very beginning of your timeline. DVD menus are designed as 2d grids and a 2d input device is the best way to navigate them. Likewise I don’t want to have to speak into a microphone in order to and resume a movie. DVD menus are a pain the micromanipulate. I found it cumbersome to mark every chapter and link every thumbnail.


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