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Viral Marketing top tips: I will describe exactly how you can create viral marketing in this article.

First of all, you must post content every day: the # chances of going viral increases dramatically – the more posts you have daily.

PR Newswire reports that a study of releases on their wire service shows that:

Adding a photo or an image increases views of the release by 14%.
Adding a video gives you a 28% increase in views.
Make that an image and a video and you’ll get a 48% boost in views.
Go all the way and put in a photo, a video, a graphic and a download and you’ll see a 78% jump in the number of views!

Okay so if I add a VIDEO, IMAGE + INFOGRAPHIC and a DOWNLOAD – I’ll get 78% MORE VIEWS? I’m sure they have to be good quality. But yeah, that is
what the survey said…

Viral Marketing – Defined

Viral marketing is a powerful theory. It is one of the newest forms of formalized marketing on the internet. It is a compounding function. It is a tool which most businesses should use in their online marketing. Viral marketing can involve substantial ROI.

Viral marketing is also about your campaign getting a life on its own – spreading like virus.  It is about spreading your message through networks.  It is foremost a social-media phenomenon.  It is by persistence, passion and purpose.  Viral marketing is essential ingredient needed to generate traffic. A site cannot think to survive without it.

Viral marketing is all about your audience so it makes perfect sense to allow them full control over your content.  It is increasing in popularity and is used widely especially in today’s computer-fixated society.  It is word-of-mouth advertising, only it’s online.  It is the quickest way to market a website.  Viral marketing is becoming more and more common.

Viral marketing is SO important today on all fronts. (Keep reading)

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Viral Marketing Infographics

Viral Marketing Infographics

Viral Marketing – How We Do It:

Viral marketing has resonated more and more with younger generations due to the ease with which one can launch a campaign via the Internet and the susceptibility of web consumers. Though now more popular than ever, the requirement of a high person-to-person pass-along rate for success has made viral marketing tricky business for many agencies…but not us! Our viral marketers know how to build a successful, ground-floor campaign to get the most out of this delicate and potentially game-changing form of guerilla advertising. If you’re looking for an all-encompassing, in-your-face, saturation of an ad campaign – World Class Media is where it’s at.

Info-Graphics – how many SEO agencies do you know that can produce video – animation, create info-graphics, write blogs as well as downloadable MS Power-point presentations? Only World Class Media provides a one-stop-shop for viral content. You may think twice about buying this Pontiac after seeing this! (keep reading)

Viral marketing campaigns make use of affiliate programs, article marketing and website advertisements to get the ball rolling. Offer an affiliate program so people can earn money for spreading your message, and submit articles related to your product or service to various article directories. Network with others to ensure yours gets out to thousands of people.

Viral marketing is essential ingredient needed to generate traffic. A site cannot think to survive without it.

Viral marketing needs some extra effort for promotion. Once it is liked by the customers then we need not require to promote it.There are number of factors which affect the campaigns directly or indirectly.The quality of service or products, cost of the product and concept of the campaigns all affect the viral marketing. If all the facts are considered before-hand then it will be effective for your products or services and ROI.

Viral marketing is one of the newest forms of formalized marketing on the internet. True viral marketing programs are only offered by a few great companies who really understand viral marketing. Some individual websites understand the power of blogs, web communities, and chat forums, and these companies are rewarded with rapid growth.

Viral marketing is a tool which most businesses should consider in their online marketing budget. Contrary to the traditional method of promoting their business and products, companies use viral marketing that encourage clients to create forums, blogs, and reviews. Businesses that understand the importance of these viral marketing strategies receive more opportunities to be found by new customers.

We’re just a small team excelling in the ever-growing online landscape – call us today to get a strategy for your online needs.


Viral Marketing Using Viral Info Graphics! by Charles