Three Secrets to 10X Your Productivity – Webcast Episode #2

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Three Secrets to 10X Your Productivity – Webcast Episode #2

What I’ve got for you?  In Today’s FREE TRAINING I’ll show you how to 10X productivity for you and your staff.

Did you know the average person wastes 759 hours per year, just at the office?

I think it’s much higher at home. I’ll show you how to 10X your ROI or ROT – Return on Time.

What it will do for you? Imagine doubling your company’s value by increasing monthly recurring revenue (MRR). 

I’ve helped build courses and set up automatic recurring systems for my clients to increase their monthly traffic & revenue.

These three secrets can help you 10X your productivity … Enjoy!


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Charles Verhoeff

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In this free training. I’m going to show you how to remove distractions and achieve your goals this little simple trick can make you ten times more productive I’m talking about increasing your focus on what you’re doing there are so many distractions today it is ridiculous …

Something like 30,000 distractions a day trying to drive you off course right okay let’s get started so press play turn up your speakers I’m gonna show you how to remove distractions and make your day ten times …

More effective make your year ten times more effective and thus your life ten times more effective alright so what I’ve got for you you’re gonna want to stay until the end of this because I’m gonna give you a download and it’s a …

Productivity cheat sheet to 10x your daily goals is gonna have some links on there it’s gonna have some images describing how to use this and you can feel free to pass this out to any of your friends your employees you know if …

You want them to improve their production there their focus and become more focused on what they’re doing alright so who am I I’ve learned you know these tricks through production myself I’ve built websites up to twelve …

Million visits per month and manage digital budgets of 1.5 million per year I’m just a dude who likes technology and it’s the future right okay so here’s the problem the big ass problem is that and I’m sorry if this picture offends you …

But I’m not really sorry because you know I’m not I’m not your typical podcaster and I’m not afraid to offend but basically if you want to follow some of those other dudes go ahead we are probably not a good fit because you know …

I try to say it like it is and I shoot straight and I’m here to show you what I know not you know I’m not here to win a popularity contest I try and give 100% transparency so I’m not going to beat around the bush and I’m not going to

Waste your life away talking about myself etc so you know the average american now is basically watches way too much tv and way too much and I’m guilty of it myself you know I get a good a good series on

Netflix and there goes 12 hours of my life you know what I mean but the problem is so many people look at their emails every day and just think about all that time and it really adds up and it’s wasting your life away so your

Problem is obvious you are being distracted by so many distractions nowadays you know the internet has a yin and yang it’s got a plus which is you know information is instantaneous but it’s also got an underside which is that

You know now there’s porn on devices there you type in a one wrong word and it goes to a thing and my kids you know I had to put filters on on our ip address to keep that stuff out so that’s the downside there are many upsides the

Technology today instantaneous communication technology is growing faster than ever before computers are getting smaller than ever before pretty soon you’re gonna have computers in your blood that will fix parts of your body

Like your eyesight and stuff like that it can actually have miniature computers going through your bloodstream which is kind of crazy all right so we are talking about distractions and not to get distracted myself I would like you

To turn off distractions and focus on this so if you have facebook or you have something else in your your perusing this webinar I just ask for your undivided attention for about 10 minutes this is gonna be very fast this webinar

This podcast I should call it a webcast is going to be very quick I don’t like to take too long so let’s jump right into it so your staff are probably wasting 60 hours per month employees waste 759 hours each year due to

Workplace distractions promotional emails phone calls bill calls chatty colleagues mobile phones not to mention some people even watch netflix in their office you know the average american is overweight and lazy I hate

To say it but that’s the truth so you know luckily we are going to give you some tips on that so if your employees are wasting seven hundred fifty nine hours each year due to workplace distractions this can be very

Valuable to you in fact their on average wasting sixty hours every month at work okay oh here’s three secrets to turn off distractions and turn on your life let me show you how I am achieving 10x

Production by avoiding distractions imagine getting ten times the productivity every day every week every month and thus throughout your life let me show you how I’m getting ten times the amount of production done secret

Number one this is called the pomodoro technique if you haven’t heard of the pomodoro technique it’s a simple technique and basically you can look at it on the internet if you type in pomodoro p om o de oro and is invented

By some italian dude who had a tomato timer anyhow and what he would do is he’d set his timer for 25 minutes and he would then avoid any distractions for that 25 minutes and at the end of the 25 minutes he would take a five-minute

Break now what what I do is I actually write down my daily plan and I figure out approximately how many pomodoro speech action item on my daily plan is going to take

So each 25-minute segment is a 1 pomodoro and basically I set the timer on my computer and if anything distracts me I have a piece of paper next to my computer if anything distracts me like an email or a text or a phone call that

I need to answer I don’t answer it I don’t take it right there I write down the distraction on the piece of paper that I need to handle later and I don’t even go to the bathroom during the 25 at break I wait till the seller to the

Break at the end or for the 25 minutes and I write it down on the piece of paper next to my computer if anything distracts me there’s anything I need to take care of I write it down so I don’t forget it and I take it up after the 25

Minutes is over and I’m focusing on that one action item on my daily battle plan and I figure out how many pomodoro’s is gonna take approximately three if I’m if I’m like building a website for example I say this is gonna take about four

Pomodoro’s and I just crank them out and so basically said it for 25 minutes to take a five-minute break to go to the bathroom get a coffee come right back start your next pomodoro right after four pomodoro’s you can take a longer

Break some people take half an hour break I typically don’t I try and keep it to just five-minute breaks all the time so anyways that is then in a nutshell what the pomodoro technique is and you

Can go to tomato timer comm and it’ll automatically pop one up on your computer right so write down any distractions I want you to try this today try keeping a piece of paper next to you setting a timer on tomato timer

Calm focus on one thing for that 25 minutes wrap it up or if you get it done before 25 minutes great take your five minute break and get started again all right so secret number two is to create a simple

Healthy routine that improves you instead of wears you down so many people I myself included are a heavy coffee drinker and I know that drinking too much coffee throughout today is not healthy for me especially if there’s a

Lot of cream in it so I you know first of all I switch to almond milk in the mornings so I don’t drink too much cream and I you know coffee is great for for getting rid of hunger and sometimes I’ll skip lunch just to you know say I do a

Workout in the morning but typically my average days wake up early do a workout you know have my coffee and then get started for the day but basically what you need to do is create a daily routine that you like and that actually helps

You get better instead of wearing you down if you are doing something every day that’s making you a little bit worse you’re either getting better or you’re getting worse there is no staying the same everybody

Gets a day older every day a minute older every minute you’re either improving or you’re worsening and typically in this world we’re all getting older and less strong you know my kids are jump off the walls and

They’re my sons 5 and my daughters 12 and she or my daughters 8 and she is super you know energetic and it’s just the way things go you’re you’re you’re built to wear down by the end of your life so you have to go against the grain

On that and you have to create your own daily routine that helps you get better and it’s gonna take a little bit of toughness it’s gonna not be as easy as you think you know I know it’s easy to go grab a

Coffee three times a day I know it’s easy to eat the donuts in your office I know it’s easy to you know stop by krispy kremes or something but it’s not healthy right so you have to create a different routine I’m trying to do

Juicing for one day a week one day I don’t eat any meat I just juice for one day a week and that is a great routine that’s gonna I’m thinking in futures right we’re talking about future survival concepts things that will

Improve you down the line save twenty bucks now save twenty percent of your income now so that during a rainy day you’re gonna be set up or so that you can buy a house or so that you can think in futures if you are not saving and

You’re not creating a simple routine you need to start doing that right now so that’s secret number two create a healthy routine that improves you instead of wears you down all right secret number three geometry the power

Of three so every gain that you have can be 3x let me tell you what I’m talking about so in acting a triple threat is somebody can sing act and dance right in basketball a triple-threat is somebody who can

Shoot you can make the baskets who can get rebounds and who can assist others in making baskets so in other words a person who passes the ball to somebody who makes a shot so a triple-threat is somebody who makes over ten baskets

Makes over ten rebounds and makes over ten assists that person is super valuable to a basketball team how can you become super valuable to your team so for example there are actually only three ways to increase your revenue

Right increase your clients so most businesses are focused solely on how can we get more clients helping to get more customers need more clients need more customers need more clients need more customers but that is only one of three

Ways to tremendously increase your revenue the second way is to increase the size of transaction how can you increase the average order value how and the way to do that is to you know add value add add-ons increase the value

Increase the paycheck increase the size of transaction right the third way is to increase the frequency of attraction the frequency of transactions so can you get more people to buy more often have bigger sizes so more clients bigger size

A transaction bigger frequency of transaction those are the three ways to increase your revenue all right so knowing that it is not only a 10% increase in revenue if you do all three of those it’s ten times ten times ten

And that’s where geometry is that’s a geometric increase rather than a linear increase linear is you know you’re improving slightly each day geometric is you are improving 10 times 10 times 10 so three ways every day so for example

Say I wanted to lose weight and I start going to the gym more right it’s an average way you know you go to the gym more ii get more workouts done now let’s say you want to make it more effective what if we say go to the gym cut out

Lunch so skip lunch and stop eating sugar now right there it’s a 3 x game instead of just a slight improvement so you will less your intake of food and junk by stopping eating sugar and skipping lunch which is a very easy

Thing to do have a big breakfast have a big dinner skip lunch you know yes you’ll be hungry but maybe move your coffee to noon or something so that it holds you over anyhow it’s just an example I’m saying that you can get

Three times the effectiveness of every action by figuring three ways to improve so you know it’s kind of like the navy the army and the air force there are three it’s called a salvo and there are three ways to attack your opponent you

Can get them from the sea you can get them from the land on the army and you can get them from the air from the air force that is a triple threat right so think about every action that you want to get so it’s like I said improving

Your revenue increase your clients increase the size of transaction increase the frequency of transaction right think about how you can do that for yourself how can you increase your revenue you know bring on more clients

Bring on more rigor size of transaction and more frequent transactions okay so here’s the first steps to attracting your ideal clients and I’m gonna give you a download at the end of this like I said to give you a free checklist okay

So let me ask you a question do you want us to help you with this all this stuff you know help you create ads help you create a system help you improve information alone is not enough we can’t cover everything in you know this time?

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