Best webinar software 2017 – 2018:

In today’s FREE TRAINING – I’m going to show you how to create webinars online – for FREE – this will save you thousands of dollars in webinar software costs …  (You should Bookmark this page – press Control+D on a PC and Command+D on an Apple/MAC).

Free Webinar Tools: 

Would you like to be able to sell people all over the world – regardless of location? This is something our ancestors have never been able to do up until now – we are really in a unique time.  

Who am I? Webinars OnAir:

I have helped build websites up to 12 million visits per month and have managed 1.4 mil per year in spend – I know what I’m talking about – I’d like to show you the map to the mine-field …

Best Webinar Platforms  in 2017 – YouTube LIVE Vs. GOTOMEETING: 

Here’s what Citrix says about their product GotoMeeting (Costs Thousands):

On the other end of the spectrum, Citrix is adding an option for customers that need to accommodate more people in a meeting. The new GoToMeeting 100 allows for sessions of up to 100 participants with 1 presenter for $69 per month.

Beyond the core GoToMeeting, Citrix also has a version of the product customized for online events and another one designed for e-learning.

The version for events, GoToWebinar, accommodates meetings of up to 100, up to 500 and up to 1,000 people. It starts at $99 per month, or $948 per year, for the 100-participant option with one presenter.

Meanwhile, GoToTraining is for sessions of up to 25 participants or up to 200 participants, and starts at $149 per month, or $1,428 per year.

YouTube LIVE + Google Hangouts Webinar Software Compared:

    (Source Time.com)
    (Source TechCrunch.com
  • How To Stream Webinars LIVE on YouTube: 

Free Webinar Software for Teachers Online: 

FREE: You can use YouTube Live to create a LIVE WEBINAR event with Hangouts On Air. 

Here’s how (Watch the video where I do this for you LIVE) …

First – go to YouTube and create an account if you do not have one yet. 

  1. Go to Live Streaming Events in Creator Studio.
  2. Click New live event.
  3. Select Quick (using Google Hangouts On Air).
    Give your live stream a title.
  4. Click Go live now or enter in details to schedule your event for later.
  5. Use Hangouts to broadcast live.
  6. Schedule a YouTube Live broadcast
  7. YouTube Live has built-in events scheduling that lets you schedule your event for a future date and time. This feature is similar to Google+ and Calendar integration for Hangouts On Air.You can control who can see the broadcast (there are three options)
  • Public – Anyone can see and access the event.
  • Unlisted – The event isn’t shown publicly but anyone with a link can join. 
  • Private – Only people you specifically invite can join the event. 

I have helped my clients make over 150K per month using YouTube Live Streams. 

I’ve tried tons of Software services – and YouTube has been the best – hands down. 

SECRET PRO TIP: Second place is FACEBOOK LIVE – once you have YouTube LIVE down – head over and create a second LIVE stream at the same time. You can be streaming live to YouTube and Facebook.

Why I Care? 

We all know that the Internet is only going to get bigger and stronger. You either change your business model or die trying. I’d rather you get ahead of the wave and start selling on the Internet – rather than falling behind. 


Do you currently use online software? 

Video Transcription: 

Hey everybody, this is Charles – CEO of World Class Media
and what I got for you is very cool …


I am showing you my YouTube channel and what currently …

Now, YouTube changes this a lot. But when I’m showing you is
how to start a free live event (FREE)  and I use this software
to create my webinars I use that with PowerPoint right here
you can see I have PowerPoint going,
and I have a new live event so basically what you do is you click
on this new live event button and you say go live now and then
you click start hangout on air now I have already started
it that’s why you see it’s all red right here and I am recording
live to YouTube via my laptop and what I basically did is I
went to Google Hangouts you go over here to screen share –
click on this green button and then you say “share my screen” right

I’m going to show you how I do this

I share my screen ok and then I shrink

it I go over here to PowerPoint and I

launch my PowerPoint software so this is

how to make and save thousands of

dollars on webinars and I think this

would be super useful for you I use

YouTube, it is seamless they have

billions and billions of views every day

on their website and they make sure

everything is taken care of and it is

completely free so you can just record

directly YouTube I’m going to show you

how to take your business from 1 to 10

million in this series this is on

webinars and in how to create webinars

that are super valuable in this episode

I’m going to show you how to save

thousands of dollars on webinars I take

your business for 1 to 10 million with

video hint the software is completely

free how to sell in video how to

download this free template which I will

give you on sales and how to break down

your product right and I’m going to let you

memorize one sentence that will help you

sell online

with video now, people will do anything

to encourage dreams, justify failures

allay fears and two rocks their enemies

people will do anything for you

all right Who am I

my name is Charles I’m the CEO

world-class media I’ve helped build

websites up to 12 million visits per

month and have managed digital marketing

budgets of 1.5 million per year I’m

going to show you how to attract your

ideal clients with minimal effort – so

press play,  turn up your speakers and

let’s get started!

Here’s secret number one how to sell in video

here’s your first secret Facebook has

two billion users now you can find and

attract your ideal clients with video on

Facebook not as hard as other gurus and

companies make it seen you can record

video directly from your phone which is

quite high quality I have an iPhone 8 or

manna I don’t think there is a nine I

think it’s an eight so you can record

video on your phone directly to Facebook

now and the trick is to start

procrastination is the biggest killer of

wealth you want to create a webinar

start with a webinar I mentioned this in

the first episode where I talked about

everything goes through three stages

it goes from crappy to good to great

right so when you create your webinar

you should plan to make three versions

of it do your first version right away

and start using it figure out what’s

what you can improve on do your second

webinar make it good plan to do a third

webinar and make that one great right

the problem is you’re procrastinating

you never got to your first webinar you

have to go through each one of those

gates right I don’t think there is

another way to do it

Steven Spielberg’s first video was when

he was in college and he there kids you

know running around and it sucked to be

frank you know you don’t go from good to

great immediately you have to pass

through those two those two gates

alright that’s not saying that Steven

Spielberg isn’t naturally gifted in his

storytelling but it took him

while to get there – you know Picasso

painted thousands of paintings

I can tell you he practiced a lot – right?

some gurus will

tell you it’s difficult and I’ll show

you how to do it super effectively and

easily but would you like to get clients

for under $1 I’m going to show you how

to sell in your videos palette I use 4

posts now you can download this free

checklist I’m going to give you a free

tract that’s on how to create posts and

content and it’s super valuable it’s

helping me create all my top articles

and I’ll show you how to find it attract

your ideal clients I’ll take you

step-by-step through creating a system

for attracting and signing up your ideal

clients and I want you to just enter

your name and email address and I’ll

download that checklist for you and I

want you to memorize this next statement

this is secret number three and it’s

from Blair Warren and it’s one sentence

persuasion course well people will do

anything for those who encourage their

dreams justify their failures allay

their fears confirm their suspicions and

help them throw rocks at their enemies

I’m going to read that again people will do

anything for those who encourage them

dreams justify their failures I’ll lay

their fears la by the way means to

reduce or to set at ease right to allay

their fears to reduce their fears

basically, confirm their suspicions and

help them throw rocks at their enemies

alright so you can even break this down

and that’s how I do it my PowerPoint

I’ll say okay how can I encourage

people’s dreams how can I justify their

failures how can I reduce their four

years and how can I confirm their

suspicions and help them throw rocks at

their enemies super powerful right

imagine if you could be that in one

sentence wouldn’t you like to persuade

people with one sentence I recommend you

memorize this write it down

memorize it and you’ll become a much

better influencer with one sentence

persuasion alright so you want help with

all this I want you to be able to change

this model and I want to help you do it

if you’d like help with this I had two

choices I could make it cheap course

it’s out without giving assistance or I

could help walk you through

this if you want help doing this and

building an online system then you can

apply to work with me to help build your

system just go to world class we need

calm forward-slash apply in the next

episode we’re going to talk about video

marketing how to give your viewers can

aha moment and it can be done with a

single question stay tuned for the next


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