Online Marketing – How to Add Sponsors in Meetup …

They can offer your group amazing free stuff. Here’s how to add a SPONSOR to your meetup group:

  1. They are local-based and could add tons of visitors to your local business or location. (Meeting at Cafe’s or Restaurants?)
  2. They are great online marketing sources.
  3. It can dramatically increase your traffic and revenue.
  4. Meetup group members can get awesome stuff – for free!
  5. Meetup group members can get a ton of new members from this.
  6. MAYBE: It makes your group look bigger, more legit and gives you more STREET CRED. (I’m kidding)

But you have to know how to do it.

Step 1: Go to your Meetup Group (you must be the owner).

How to Sponsor a Meetup Group.

Step 2: Click on “MORE”:

Click on your Meetup Group’s MORE Tag.

Step 3: Add your SPONSOR and a short description of what they are offering to your group.

Meetup Add a Sponsor Example.

Don’t forget to add an awesome picture or logo of your group.

BOOM – you are done.

I care about you and your meetups – I hope this helps – hey if you want to join my Healthy Living Meetup – Feel Free To Do So Here.

As the world gets more and more absorbed into our TV’s and phones – meetup is an awesome way to get out there and do awesome things with real people.

What are some of the benefits you get from meetups?