How often do people think up and follow through with the Obvious?

I believe that all problems are basically simple.

True, the way people describe them and how they describe fixing them – may be complex, often to hide the truth – but when you fully look something square in the face, it’s basically simple.

  • The flush toilet was invented around the late 1700s, but it took until about the late 1800s for someone to invent toilet paper.
  •  It took about one thousand years after ice cream was developed for someone to invent the ice cream cone.
  • Bread and meat have obviously existed for a long, long time, but it took even longer for some brilliant person to invent the sandwich (rumor is 1772).

Sometimes an opportunity presents itself — and maybe it’s not the best timing — but it’s there only for an instant…And if you don’t grab it—it’s gone. Sure at the time maybe you’re really busy or it’s an opportunity that seems risky. But the rewards far outweigh the risk or the time.

And more on that point.

Obvious Adams is a brilliant short-book written in 1916 – and even more pertinent today (a pamphlet really). This short book describes what I have been trying to say for years as an online and offline marketer… It is a very short read. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I’m giving it to you free – along with the five tests for obviousness for your offers and business [at the end of this post].



Obvious Adams : the story of a successful businessman

Jack trout of Forbes Magazine says this: “Well, I’m going to let you in on a secret. The best book that I have ever read on marketing is one that was written 90 years ago, in 1916. And here’s the good news: It is only 40 pages long, and it contains no jargon or graphs or complex research. In fact, it’s more like a pamphlet. Now the bad news: It’s not easy to find and could be called a collector’s item.

Now it’s your chance to find out why Jack said that — but you don’t have to pay anywhere near what Jack paid.

As a matter of fact, you only have to pay $0.00. But you have to act fast, because this short book may not be on my site forever.



How great a deal is that?

“Yes I want This Now”

So I gotta ask you this question one more time: Are you in or out?

Because opportunity is not just knocking, folks. It’s POUNDING. And it could make you wealthier, more fulfilled and more successful than you’ve ever been in your life.

You gonna open the door?

Or are you going to stay where you are at, struggling to get to that level of success that is just beyond your reach and working way too hard at trying to sustain pre-eminence in your market?

It’s your call.

Obvious Adams: The Man Who Won All Our Hearts by