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From the office of
Charles John | CEO World Class Media

Digital Marketing & SEO Consultant


Hi, I know it’s not easy keeping up with all these “Social Media Analytics” …  and just to compete with billions of websites – content is needed on multiple networks every day … and you are trying to quality control and grow your brand and keep up with all these 30+ social media websites –  IT IS WORK – to attract your ideal clients with content and digital marketing … especially when you’re tied up most of the time handling customers and dealing with vendors. And when you think about professional content branding – stats, analytics, tracking, codes, pixels and hashtags across all these networks, it can seem overwhelming …  So, I want to just take a minute and let you know everything is going to be fine!

How can I say this? Because I know how you feel. Getting professional content posted every day on all these social networks wasn’t easy for me either and I sure had challenges of my own… just like you do now.  That’s why I created World Class Media …

While a Digital Marketing Consultant, I worked with Madison Avenue companies and managed Digital Marketing budgets of 1.5 million per year. Like PIMCO, AT&T and Cadillac.  I’ve tested thousands of Ads – I know what works.

And as a SEO Architect at the Search Agency, I helped build sites up to 12 million visits per month organic traffic.  And I know more than anyone that daily content is vital to be the top of organic search – some of the sites I worked on had over 6 million pages! That’s a lot of content.

What if you had a SET-IT AND FORGET IT COMPANY TO HANDLE ALL THIS STUFF FOR YOU! That’s where my company comes in.