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Motion graphics are usually displayed via electronic media technology, but may be displayed via manual powered technology (e.g. The term is useful for distinguishing still graphics from graphics with a transforming appearance over time without over-specifying the form. Motion graphics are widely used in all forms of digital media today, online or offline, flash animation or even more detailed and refined 3D animation. Motion graphics are generally short pieces of time-based visual media which combine the languages of film and graphic design. This can be accomplished by incorporating a number of different elements such as 2d and 3d animation, video, film, typography, illustration, photography, and music.

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What are Motion Graphics? In a Nutshell, Motion graphics are images that move or change over time. Motion graphics can be used in simulation training for the military and by the business, education and medical fields. Motion graphics consist of photography, illustration, typography, pictograms and icons, visual communication & design.

Motion graphics are common in advertising, music videos, films and websites, too often forgetting performance art. The latest project from studio Motion graphics are the industry standard not for just high end special effects houses, but even the most standard video production companies. The ability to put together animated sequences, great credits, rendering, and a whole range of effects is necessary to really put together the look and content of the film or video project you are working on. Motion graphics can be overlaid or integrated into the virtual set design.

Motion graphics are graphics that use video and/or animation technology to create the illusion of motion or a transforming appearance. These motion graphics are usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects. Motion graphics are the added touch that can take video production value exponentially forward by its ability to create both subtle accents and powerful dynamic accentuation either by themselves or simultaneously. Motion Graphics are just an extension of graphic art that broadens what an artist has to offer as well as adds another form of creative expression.


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