Viral Marketing

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Viral Marketing – Viral Marketing Defined

Viral marketing is loosely defined as piece of content generated by a person or company that viewers are eager to share with their friends, colleagues, and family members. It’s also defined by its high risks and high rewards. In other words, most campaigns fall flat on their face, but the ones that succeed reap huge rewards. Still, that hasn’t stopped scores of small businesses and start-ups looking to create the next big hit.

A Little More About Viral Marketing:

Viral marketing is a kind of marketing that involves promotional techniques to spread your message, product or brand through a viral process, this is, reaching a huge amount of people in the web in a short period of time. And that is the key: people. If you want to go viral, you need an audience to share your content with. That is why a good viral marketing campaign needs two strong assets: excellent content and outstanding social networking skills .

Viral Marketing is a term used to describe any advertising online that relies primarily on word of mouth to gain brand recognition. While highly unpredictable, Viral Marketing can create the kind of product or service explosion many companies need to grow.  World Class Media offers many Viral Marketing solutions that will not only create conversions, but will boost your Search Engine visibility and get people talking about your company.

Viral marketing and word of mouth both involves people spreading a company’s product information, or idea however viral marketing exceeds its predecessor by leaps and bounds when talking about the extent of spread due to the wide scale reaches of the internet.


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