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What is Marketing Optimization? The Answer…

Marketing Optimization - What I've got for you: In this post I'm going to show you how to increase your traffic and revenue. To start let's define market optimization - MARKETING OPTIMIZATION or OPTIMISATION (in the U.K.) is simply getting the largest result result...

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YOUTUBE AUTO HD SETTINGS – How To AutoPlay in High Def!

YouTube Auto HD - Automatic HD settings In today's FREE Blog Training ... I'll show you how to play videos in HD Automatically. So, if I help you out, do me a favor and share this post or click Control + D to Bookmark this page. Change the video quality by going to...

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Google+ plus Local SEO – How Places Got 1000X Smarter!

Check out my other article on Google Maps SEO & Places Best Practices if you want to know about Google Places. I'm going to show you how to boost your Google Plus Local Listings - (Keep Reading - all the way at the bottom). Google officially launched their Google Plus...

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Freelance Videographer – How to Become a Video Editor!

Being a successful freelance videographer and editor has allowed me to expand my horizons and explore things I had only dreamed of doing in the past. The secret to being successful in video, or any field for that matter is no secret, in fact the biggest hump is taking that initial step.

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