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HTML 5 is not very different from HTML 4. One of the basic ideas in the development of HTML 5 was to ensure backward compatibility and because of that HTML 5 is not a complete revamp of the HTML specification. HTML 5 is the next major version of HTML. It introduces a bunch of new elements that will make our pages more semantic. HTML 5 is starting to look a lot like HTML 4 used to. Long in the tooth.

HTML 5 is not ready for prime-time in any way what-so-ever and CIO magazine is doing a disservice to I.T. HTML 5 is currently a W3C Editor’s Draft and will be the next major revision of HTML. It introduces tons of new browser features, practical new parsing rules and flexible error handling. HTML 5 is solving these problems.

HTML 5 is the proposed next iteration of the prevailing language of web sites. Modern browsers such as Google Chrome and Apple?s Safari—as well as most mobile browsers using webKit—currently understand this language. HTML 5 is already working its way into the underpinnings of web apps you use every day, making them faster and more stable than those relying on Java or other plugins. They’re more like real apps . HTML 5 is the new browser specification , which browser vendors expect to implement fully over the next decade.

HTML 5 is already being implemented into browsers right now: Opera 10 as well as Firefox 3.5 are the first browsers offering partial HTML 5 support. Internet Explorer and Safari are set to follow suite shortly. HTML 5 is a very hyped technology, but with good reason. It promises to be a technological tipping point to bring desktop application capabilities to the browser. HTML 5 is moving forward on a broken path.

HTML 5 is going to be great and I’m looking forward to developing in it. In saying that I still like to know that I will have money to provide for my family, so I recommend and build to what will suit the project at hand the best, and will achieve the desire outcomes of the client. HTML 5 is a chance for both sides to fix their sites on something productive. HTML 5 is a boon for SEO. By implementing HTML 5 one can say that we can now allow seach engines to dissect and evaluate our pages more efficiently.

HTML 5 is shaping up to be quite an impressive step up from the capabilities web developers are currently constrained to. One of my favorite new features provided by the spec is support for native drag and drop. HTML 5 is mapping our way into the future, but its final draft is not complete yet. One school of thought puts it W3C Candidate Recommendation stage around 2012, some even later. HTML 5 is a new standard that is taking the big picture, long term view of what to do with Web development. The language has been cobbled together by different groups including Google, Apple, Adobe and, believe it or not, Microsoft (they just joined the group this summer).

HTML 5 is the next generation of HTML language, currently in working draft form?it aims to improve on the semantics of HTML 4.x, get rid of some of its ambiguities, and provide a better language for creating modern applications. After all, HTML was never originally intended for creating dynamic web applications?it was originally intended for static documents.


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