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Apps are divided into categories like business, education, entertainment, finance, games, and even specialised categories like health, medicine, navigation, photography etc. There is also a section for News about apps, and apps are also categorised according to popularity in the top section. Applications can only communicate with each other through controlled mechanisms. Apple decided this time to focus more on application developers then users. To make Leopard a better platform for application development.

Apple has been leading the way with its delightfully simple App Store, which lets you download programs over the air straight to the iPhone (or from within iTunes on the desktop) and look at star ratings from other users. And Google?s Android Market for the T-Mobile G1 (and subsequent Android devices) has followed suit with a similar look and feel. Apple iPhone was introduced last year and it brought a sensation in the mobile phone market with its unimaginable features while Google’s g-phones are taken as hottest trend of the current season. The search engine giant is launching its android phones that are able to accomplish all the task for which you take the help of your personal computer. Approved developers can sell their applications at their own price and keep 70% of the profits.

Applications developed for cell phone SAT tests are easy to use and very accessible to anyone interested in maximizing their chances during the exam. Applications range from calorie counters to guided meditation to musical instruments. Develop an application and then partner with companies such as Apple to sell your applications to consumers. Apple tech enthusiasts should fear not because Pacific Sun has informed us that they are now developing applications for iPhones and Macs which should be available shortly. All of the computer and phone applications are, and will be free of charge, follow the break for a look at a few more screencaps of the WinMo apps from Pacific Sun Aquarium Lighting System.

Apple seems to be ahead of the curve on this one, as a lot of things for the iPhone are web applications. Some people would say that it’s too early to make that jump, as web access on the cellular networks currently isn’t very good (EDGE is too slow), but this is also what they said when Apple stopped shipping computers with floppy drives and when they switched everything to USB, etc. Apple has already addressed some early objections to the iPad as a business device. Only a week after it went on sale, the company announced an improved operating system for both the iPhone and iPad, available this fall, that will allow more than one application to run at a time.


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