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What is Marketing Optimization? The Answer…

Marketing Optimization - What I've got for you: In this post I'm going to show you how to increase your traffic and revenue. To start let's define market optimization - MARKETING OPTIMIZATION or OPTIMISATION (in the U.K.) is simply getting the largest result result...

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Local Maps SEO 2019 – How To Boost Maps SEO

Google Local SEO Secrets:  Did you drop ranking in Google Maps? Do you need to fix your Maps SEO? In today's FREE Training I'm going to show you how to fix your Google Local SEO Listing Results. For close to a decade we have specialized in Google Local Optimization  -...

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Google Local SEO in 2019 – Amazing Simple Checklist

Are you trying to improve your Local Search Results? We can help you with that. We are going to give you an amazing checklist to IMPROVE YOUR RANK. To see the full list of Google Local SEO Ranking Factors Click Here. What I've got for you: Here's a Google Local SEO...

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Google+ plus Local SEO – How Places Got 1000X Smarter!

Check out my other article on Google Maps SEO & Places Best Practices if you want to know about Google Places. I'm going to show you how to boost your Google Plus Local Listings - (Keep Reading - all the way at the bottom). Google officially launched their Google...

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PowerPoint on TV! How to Convert PPT to Video

Have you ever created a PowerPoint Presentation only to face the annoying predicament of not having access to a computer or laptop to show your audience? Don’t worry it has happened to the best of us and the greatest solution I found was to burn your PowerPoint files on DVD, that way you can easily store and share them with anyone, as almost everyone has access to a TV and DVD Player these days.

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YOUTUBE AUTO HD SETTINGS – How To AutoPlay in High Def!

YouTube Auto HD - Automatic HD settings In today's FREE Blog Training ... I'll show you how to play videos in HD Automatically. So, if I help you out, do me a favor and share this post or click Control + D to Bookmark this page. Change the video quality by going to...

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